Why Is Air Filter Wet?

Dust is Normal, Water is Not
There is a couple reasons it could be wet…

Most of us have changed an air filter at least once in our lives. Usually they come out gray with lint, dust and other airborne debris on them. But what if they are wet? A wet air filter can be a sign of trouble. There is no good reason for that much moisture to have collected on the filter. There are a couple of reasons why this could be happening in your house and the problem should be fixed immediately. Water building up in the system can cause mold that can be circulated into the air of the home. If you ever notice your filter is wet give one of Professional AC & Heating’s proficient A/C repair techs a call to determine what’s happening.

Blocked Condensate Pan or Drain Line

In order for your HVAC unit to remove hot air from your home it sucks in the hot air and it passes over a condenser coil, this creates condensation. The water then drips down the condensate line and into the condensate pan. If either one of these two items get clogged for any reason it could cause moisture to get trapped into the system and has the possibility overflowing and making your air filter wet.

In-Proper Installation of HVAC System Could Also Be the Cause

The other possible problem could be that your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit could have been installed wrong. You can trust one of our licensed and bonded HVAC technicians to get the job done correctly. If the system is installed by an unreliable person the system can be set up to where the moisture is falling directly from the evaporator coils down onto the filter.

Knowing the problem is half the battle. If you notice that your air filter is wet it is time to call an accomplished A/C repair company like Professional AC and Heating to come save the day. Doing repair jobs on your HVAC unit yourself could cause more problems than were originally there and almost every company will dispute your warranty if you have any person besides an authorized dealer worker on your unit. Give us a call immediately if you see signs of trouble.

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