Why Go Ductless?

Let’s explore…

A rising trend in homes over the past few years has been the installation of ductless cooling and heating systems instead of the conventional A/C units that we have grown accustom to for decades. Ductless systems are nothing new but over the years the advancements made to their operation have brought it to the front of in-home comfort. Our HVAC installation and service technicians are here to help with any of your ductless needs; and with more homes and businesses going the ductless route Professional AC & Heating presents to you… our top 3 reasons to go ductless!

Savings by Creating “Zones”

The #1 reason home owners switch to ductless cooling is to reduce the total cost of utilities on their pockets. We all know the cost of living has gone up resulting in us trying to cut the bills wherever we can. Ductless systems operate on much less power than the normal air conditioner by directly pumping the temperature controlled air into the room. Unlike traditional systems homeowners with ductless units can create “zones” to keep away from cooling or heating vacant rooms. Now you can directly control the air going into each room.

Lowering Your Carbon Footprint

Over the years environmentally friendly has become a top requirement when it comes to your home and vehicle. The ductless system is at the top of the list when it comes to providing comfort and environmental safety by following the Energy Star guidelines set by the Federal Government. The system typically works by using R410A refrigerant, known for its zero ozone depletion potential which over time will have less impact on the environment than conventional refrigerant.

Quick and Easy Installation

Traditional duct system installation that can disrupt your life and leave your home in disarray for several weeks to complete. This is a burden on you and your family while the unit is being put in because for some of that time you may not have an air conditioning source. Ductless units are much easier to handle and can be installed within a day. The difference between taking a day and weeks.

In short, ductless systems are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, completely customizable are quickly installed. For information on getting your ductless HVAC system call our experienced HVAC professionals here at Professional AC & Heating, Inc.