Why Air Purifiers Are Great For Your Family

Taking care of your health by way of the air

People these days are very health and diet conscious. Now more than ever we are paying great attention to what is going into our bodies in the form of food, but are we constantly eating? Of course not. What we are constantly doing though is breathing. Americans spend 60 to 90 percent of their time indoors, more than half of that time is typically spent in their homes. So wouldn’t it make sense for us to be more aware of what exactly we are breathing while we’re home?

Every day by being indoors our bodies are exposed to small amounts of toxins, carcinogens, and organic pollutants, and over the course of our lives this can have a very harmful effect and even lead to an increased risk of disease. Air quality easily ranks as one the most influential factors on our health, as evidenced in countries that suffer from high levels of air pollution, and it isn’t always easy to identify harmful pollutants by just our sense of smell. In order to help your home and family you should invest in a home air purification system and reap the future benefits of this healthy habit.

Purification Eliminates or Reduces Odors

One major benefit to having an air purifier in your home is that common or unwanted odors will be dramatically reduced and in most cases can be eliminated. This is great if you live in a home with a cigarette smoker! Not only will it eliminate the smell, but it will kill almost all of the harmful chemicals you may breathe in from second-hand smoke. It will also reduce the smells of fishy foods, oil, paint, cat litter boxes (ammonia), pet dander smells and powerful cleaning supply smells. Air purifiers aren’t like air fresheners, they don’t cover up odors, they filter and eliminate them from the air. In high humidity areas like Florida mold and mildew strive, there are certain purifiers (which we will talk about later) that kill the mold that creates the musty smells, even down in the carpeting.

They Allow Less Dust to be on Furniture and Other Surfaces

Don’t you hate having to dust your home all the time? I’ve even heard of family having to dust their homes twice a week because of dust particles and Florida’s high pollen levels. Dust is made up of 80% dead skin cells and the rest is made up of pet hair, sand, pollen and even mold spores. Luckily there are some air purifiers out there that can eliminate up to 70% of that dust from your home making it easier to clean AND to breathe.

Less Sneezing and Asthma Problems for Families

Perhaps the most important reason to invest in an air purifier is that it helps your health. Ionic purifiers clean even the tiniest particles in the air.   The reason the air inside your home is worse than the air outside is because potentially dangerous airborne bacteria, viruses, fungus, asbestos (causes mesothelioma cancer), and molds can be locked inside your home, floating around and affecting you without you even knowing it.

One in eight people in America have asthma, one in 6 people suffer from allergies, and allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the United States. There are purifiers that can help! The benefits for people who are susceptible to these issues are obvious, and an air purifiers will surely ease up their breathing while inside.

The Micro Pure Technology System

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At ProMag we install a powerful MX4™ Ionic Oxidation air purification system. The unit is attached to the air supply component of your HVAC system so that any air pumped out of the system will first have to pass through the purifier. It utilizes proprietary metallic technology and UV light energy to naturally produce ionic air scrubbers and destroy many indoor pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mold, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds such as benzene, ethylene glycol and formaldehyde), mildew, allergens, and odors. Here are a few more details:

Beneficial Features

  • ALL NEW MX4™ Ionic Oxidation eliminates pollutants in the air AND on surfaces.
  • Active purification throughout all living spaces 24 hours a day.
  • Eliminates bacteria, mold, viruses, mildew, smoke, odors, VOC’s, and more.
  • Ionic air scrubbers destroy indoor contaminants anywhere the air goes.
  • Unique air purification process even cleans air that doesn’t pass through the HVAC system.
  • Installs in any HVAC system.
  • NASA-developed technology for use in the International Space Station.
  • 5″, 9″, and 14″ models
  • 24V and 120V/230V power supply options.
  • Long life warranty. 5-yr power supply, 4-yr MX4™ core, 2-yr UV lamp.

Give one of our experienced air quality control experts a call today to go over just how much an air purifier may be able to help your home and family live a little easier. Make the choice today to invest in your long-term health!

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