When To Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioner

How Do I Know When To Repair Or Replace My Air Conditioner?

How are you supposed to know when to either repair your air conditioner or replace it? What should you be looking for? And what decides it is in need of a simple repair, or needs to be completely replaced? As Florida homeowners, these are questions to think about as we are constantly using our air conditioning systems. The simple fact is that we rely heavily on air conditioning in order to stay comfortable in Florida’s subtropical climate. So when your air conditioner is either old or faulty, these are questions that come up often.

We are going to outline some reasons you should either repair your air conditioner or replace it. Just note that although an air conditioner may seem on its last leg, it can always be repaired. However that does not mean it is completely fixed or ‘running like new’. So we are going to cover when it is absolutely necessary to fully repair or replace your AC unit.

1. The Unit Is Over 12 Years Old

Age is everything when it comes to deciding if you need a new air conditioner. Even if you unit seems to be running fine, but still is over 12 years old, it is a good idea to consider a new replacement and installation. This is because the older your unit is, the more energy it is likely pulling from your home. It is probably the reason why your electric bill may be high or why the power goes out sometimes. A maintenance check or repair is like applying a band-aid on the bigger problem, and an entirely new AC installation is recommended. Look at a new AC installation as an investment in your home for time to come, whereas a repair could be fleeting.

2. The Repair Price Is Close Or Equal To The Replacement Price

repair or replace air conditioner

There have been plenty of instances where an air conditioner repair cost can be just as close to a full replacement cost. Again, this is usually with much older AC units who have been neglected of maintenance and basic repairs, so when the owner decides to finally get it serviced, the repair labor and parts cost almost equal to an entirely new air conditioning unit. You can calculate this by multiplying the repair cost by the age of the unit:

AC Replacement Cost$5,000 (average)
AC Repair Cost$500 (average)
Age Of Unit12 Years
500 x 126,000

A new AC installation costs usually between $3,500 – $7,500, so the 6,000 indicates that this would probably be a good time to consider a replacement system. If the unit was just 2 years old, and we do 500 x 2 = 1,000, that is still relatively lower than what a new installation would cost, so that would constitute a repair.

3. Maximum Home Energy Efficiency

As a homeowner in Florida, having an energy efficient home is one of the smartest moves you can make not only financially, but environmentally as well. the age of your unit matters here once again, as older air conditioners were designed in the past when there were different (and less efficient) home energy standards. Newer AC units have higher SEER ratings and comply with modern energy standards that require less home energy to be used than before. Homeowners with a more modern air conditioner are likely paying far more less on their power bill than homeowners who have a 15 year old air conditioner. So if you have an old unit and are paying a lot of money every month to the electric company, the expired unit is likely the issue. Therefore, a replacement unit is recommended. If you have a new unit but still have a high energy bill, here are some other reasons why your energy bills may be high.

Repairing Or Replacing An Air Conditioner Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

Here at Professional AC And Heating want you to know that we fully understand how difficult of a decision repairing or replacing your air conditioner can be. We have met with and served many people just like you who have faced the same dilemma. That is why we are here to help and hopefully tis post has outlined repairing or replacing an air conditioning unit clearly for your benefit.

We offer 24 hour service 7 days a week, so at any time that you need to speak with a professional HVAC expert who can answer your questions about whether to repair or replace your air conditioner, you can always call Professional AC And Heating.

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Already Know You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioner?

If you have read this far already and have come to the conclusion that you do indeed need to replace you air conditioner then do not worry, as our dedicated team of HVAC techs and experts can lead you every step of the way into getting a replacement system. We like to make the new installation process as easy as possible, that is why we offer FREE quotes on all new AC installs.

We will work with you to make sure we find the perfect AC unit for your home and get it settled in so you can go back to your home’s maximum level of comfort. No Florida homeowner should go without proper air conditioning, so we also offer financing options to make the installation process as affordable as possible. With our 24/7 accessibility, highly-trained expert staff of technicians, and affordable financing options, Professional AC And Heating is a leading air conditioning company Orlando residents trust.

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