When Is It Time To Call AC Repairmen?

Are your HVAC problems easy fixes, or huge problems?

People today are all about DIY but sometimes doing it yourself is not always an option. Take for instance your HVAC system, how much do you really know about it, besides that you need to change your air filter every month? Many of us are not licensed A/C technicians and cannot fix problems with our systems. Only authorized dealers of the system are allowed to work on it and if you try working on it yourself you will void your warranty on that unit. There are some small tips to making sure your A/C runs properly but most of the time your air conditioner’s symptoms point to bigger problems and it would be wise to call in a ac professional to take necessary measures.

Noisy Air Conditioners

What kinds of noises does your HVAC system make? If any clanking, hissing or rattling occurs when the system turns on you definitely need to have a licensed professional come check things out. These sounds are a good indicator that something is wrong. If your A/C sounds like a plane flying over your home, it may unfortunately be time to replace it. An extremely loud A/C is never performing properly and is wasting a lot of your money every month.

Leaking A/C or Wet Filter?

Pooling water around or below your air conditioner is commonly the result of a blocked drainage tube. Look for obstructions like dirt, algae, or ice, and either clean out or replace the tube if you find a problem.

Sometimes though, there is a bigger problem. One of the main components of your A/C like the condenser or evaporator coil could be to blame. These things will need to be checked over by a technician who will thoroughly inspect all possible culprits. If multiple parts need replacement or repair it may be smarter to just upgrade your A/C and save on your power bill and HVAC repairs in the future.

Old A/C’s are Far Less Efficient

Scheduling annual maintenance visits will definitely allow your HVAC system to last for over a decade but if your system is that old chances are your overpaying on your power bill every month. Your A/C is the single most expensive appliance you own and is responsible for most of what you spend on energy. The A/C technology of today has reached new heights! Today’s air conditioners can be more than 50% more efficient than older ones! If you are due to have a new system installed always you make sure to the highest SEER rating possible. The higher the SEER the more energy savings and less CO2 emissions!

Long story short, don’t try and fix problems with your A/C unit unless it is something very simple to do; Don’t try and save a couple bucks and ruin your warranty. To fix your heating and cooling system always have a licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC technician like the ones at Professional AC & Heating get the job done right.

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