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What’s The Perfect Temperature?

setting thermostat at home

The weather in Florida can be unpredictable, but we know one thing for sure: Orlando summers are hot. With the rising temps and rising energy costs, it could feel like choosing between staying cool and saving money.

So, what is the best temperature for your home to keep it cool but also keep it efficient?

A smart or programmable thermostat allows you to set a schedule and keep track of your home’s temperature to help save energy. According to, the ideal setting for your thermostat when you are home is 78 degrees. They also suggest raising the temperature or turning it off completely when you’re not home.

If 78 degrees seems too hot for you, other ways to help keep your house cool. Keep blinds and curtains closed during the day so the sun doesn’t heat your home. Using ceiling fans can also help circulate the air and make the room feel cooler. Investing in better insulation for your home can also help you save money on energy costs in the future.

If your energy costs are still high, it may be time to service your air conditioner or consider replacing an older, less efficient HVAC system. A well-maintained cooling system inspected by one of our trained service technicians can give you the peace of mind that your equipment is reliable and efficient.

Our certified HVAC professionals are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and training needed to bring the best ac service to your home! And right now, schedule your A/C tune-up for $89.95.

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