What Teach Kids About Home Energy

Kids Home Habits Can Increase Your Energy Bill

There are many things that you as an adult can do to help save our environment from using a gas efficient car, to only purchasing energy saving appliances. We’re grown-ups now, we make the decisions! But did you know that there are ways we can get our kids to save the planet, too? By teaching them these concepts while they’re young, they’ll carry them into adulthood and will be better human beings for it, and hey, did I mention it will save you money in the process?

Now you can change your children from money suckers to environmentally conscious money savers. More importantly they will learn from you about nature and the Earth’s importance. Below are some water and power saving tips to teach your kids.

Save the Water for the Fishies!

Water is a precious resource and needs to be treated a such. When humans overuse water they are lowing the quality of it and allowing less water to be held in lakes and the ocean, this ultimately hurts us and all sealife. Let your kids know that good water can run out and we need to preserve it the best we can using these steps:

  • Don’t leave the water running while brushing teeth and lathering hands– They say when you’re brushing your teeth you should be able to sing the ABC’s twice. During that time teach your kids to turn the faucet off so less water is used. You can also have them keep the faucet off while lathering soap on their hands to wash them.
  • Take showers instead of baths- If your child is having a hard time converting from baths to showers let them know the importance of their decision and how it affects everyone. Showering will save you hundreds of gallons a week and are much more sanitary than baths. If your child is already showering see if you can get them to limit their shower time to 5 minutes.
  • Wash your dogs on areas of grass that need watering- A “two birds with one stone” idea that will help your yard.

Turning Everything Off When You Leave the Room

With children, almost everything can be turned into a game. Games almost always get a positive response, and are fun AND productive.

  • Practice playing the “have I turned everything off in here?” game- Help your kids remember to turn their lights, TV, computer, fan, radio and toys off by turning it into a game or a catchy tune. You could even make a small list for them and post it next to do their door to help them remember.

Limiting TV Time

Electronics are used all the time now, some would say they’re used too much, that people don’t interact with anything but technology anymore. Well while your children are young living with you, you should spend as much quality time with them as you can. Here are some ways to do that while saving electricity.

  • limit TV time to 30 minutes to 1 hour a night- This will give your child more time to be involved in homework and spending time with family or playing with friends.
  • make their bedrooms more crafts and hobbies oriented- Rather than playing with electronics, teach your children about the arts and playing sports; They are better character builders than a TV is.

Bring Them Closer to Nature

A great way to give your kids incentive to save water and power is to show them what they’re doing it for.

  • plant a garden- Explain how planting plants are a great way to help the environment.
  • go on a camping or hiking trip- Let your kids see how awesome things can be in nature, without electronics. This will also help them recognize all the animals they’re saving by preserving the planet.

Be the Change You Wish to See

  • teach them the importance of curtains- On hot days show them that keeping the curtains closed will reduce heat indoors, and on cooler days show how the natural light can replace the lights being on throughout the day.
  • do all the things you are asking them to do- Actions speak louder than words. Embody what you are asking your kids to do.
  • replace lightbulbs with CFL’s- Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs require less energy and emit less heat, explain their advantages to your children.
  • keeping the refrigerator shutTeaching your children to not stand in front of the wide-open refrigerator will teach them manners and save power.
  • change air filters with them- Air filters save energy by reducing the strain put on your HVAC system. Show your kids how dirty they get and how they can help your A/C.

By setting a prime example for your children on these issues, they will have a much better chance of actually doing them. Children love and imitate their parents for their whole lives if they’re intentions are good. By them learning this at such a young age they will surely pass these concepts down to their children, making our environment and the World a much better place.