What NOT To Flush Down The Toilet!

Don’t Punish your Pipes

One of the priorities that we don’t take into account about plumbing is what we shouldn’t flush down our plumbing. What should we or shouldn’t we be flushing down the toilet? This is a discussion that needs to happen. However if your toilet or pipes get plugged remember to call a professional, CALL US at Professional AC & Heating for your plumbing needs.

These Products just Don’t Help your Pipes

It’s important to note that while people are constantly told NOT to flush down your toilet these types of products, we somehow still find them plugging up pipe work. Most female restrooms have signs all over them saying, DO NOT flush tampons or pads, instead throw them out in the garbage. They are non-degradable products and that means the water in the pipes won’t be able to break them down, they plug up septic systems, and your pipes. Another product that is constantly being flushed is the diaper, sometimes you may be stressed cleaning up after your kid and think to yourself, flushing it won’t be too bad. It will be too bad when the diaper makes the toilet begin to over flow. Think about it? Do diapers really look like they can breakdown in water? Especially when they are being made to absorb liquid in them, they expand when they get filled with liquid. If you can even get them to flush, they will most likely get stuck in the U-bend part of the pipe.

Flushable isn’t Always so

Some of these may actually seem like things that you could flush down the toilet. Due to them being made out of paper and sometimes possibly even saying they are flushable. However paper towels, are NOT I repeat NOT flushable they do not break down in the water like the toilet paper actually can, paper towels are too thickly built to pick up dirt and spills to actually break down in the toilet. When you have bathroom wipes that are being constantly sold to you as “flushable” wipes which is not exactly true. While yes, they will flush down the toilet, they most likely won’t break down which can cause damage to the sewer systems. Imagine when you are sick and you’re using lots of tissues, while you may consider that you could just flush them down the toilet, then you would be wrong. Don’t do it, they aren’t made to break down like toilet paper, and they will eventually just cause problems for your pipe work.

These are just TOXIC!!!

There are various other things that people end up flushing down the toilet that aren’t just harmful to the pipe work, but some can also be toxic to the water. There is a possibility you have left over medication, or you no longer need to take a prescription, and even possibly your teen could be taking these pills without your permission. Don’t just flush the pills down the toilet; it’s not good for the water. There is an act on how to properly dispose drugs, there are also locations to legally dispose of your drugs. So next time you’re looking to dispose of your drugs, make sure it’s at the right location and not down the toilet. Maybe you decided to have a smoke in the bathroom, because it’s been a stressful day. Do NOT dispose of the cigarette down the toilet, not only is it gross looking, but there are toxic chemicals that are going down the water. So make sure that the cigarette butts get disposed of properly. Sometimes after you’ve used a condom, you just want to get rid of it, which at times means that it ends up down the toilet. Think about what condoms are made of, really think about it. They are normally made of Latex, so that they don’t break easily, which means that it most likely will not be deteriorating in the water.

Just Don’t Do It!

If you are a cat owner, you probably have to deal with cat litter all the time. You probably have tried different ways to dispose of the cat litter. Maybe possibly flushing it down the toilet? You probably think to yourself, why can’t I just flush the poop down the toilet? Well there are various ways to get rid of your kitty litter, but flushing down the toilet should never be one of them. There are now cat litters that say they are “flushable”, but as we’ve mentioned before there’s really no such thing. At the end of the day, they can plug up your toilet anyways. If your cat litter is made of natural components, it’s actually possible to use them as manure to help grow your plants. Getting rid of cooking or food grease is always such a complicated thing. However it’s important to note that dumping the grease down your pipes can cause it to congeal and clog up your pipes once it has cooled off. So next time instead of throwing grease down the drain, save it to be reused, depending on if the oil becomes solid or not, disposing of it as it were trash is probably your best bet.

Your Aid Won’t Flush…

Think about objects you use that you keep in the bathroom that you would use for taking care of yourself.  A lot of these are made out of cotton, like your Q-tips and cotton balls. However as much as cotton may seem like it can break down in water, it can’t. If you flushed these cotton products down the toilet or down the sink, it’s basically going to gather in one of the bends in your pipe work, which eventually means massive blockages in the pipe work, which means a high plumber bill. Remember those band-aids? The ones you use on your cuts or your kids cuts to cover up the cut or wound so they don’t bleed all over the place? Well that’s another thing you shouldn’t flush down the toilet. Think about it, now a days there’s a large number of band aids that are waterproof. To top it off, these are also non-biodegradable plastic, this means that not only should you NOT flush it down the toilet so it doesn’t clog it, but that because it doesn’t degrade, due to it being plastic it would most likely harm the environment in the end.  

We do not desire that you have issues with your plumbing, however this is a list of what things you shouldn’t flush down the toilet, however it is important to reiterate that you don’t flush anything but toilet paper down the toilet. Since it is most likely the only object made that would actually fall apart in the water. So please remember to only flush your toilet paper and what comes out of your body. But if in fact you have a plumbing issue, call a licensed professional!

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