What I An Evaporator Coil?

Learning the Parts of Your HVAC Unit
Part Info for the day: evaporator coils

Being well informed never hurt anyone. In fact most people would say that knowledge is power. When buying and maintaining an appliance that costed you thousands of dollars, you might want to know a little bit about that appliance. Professional AC & Heating and our team of HVAC professionals wants to let you know about one of the main components to your HVAC unit: the evaporator coil. The more you know about your unit the less chance you may have of getting sold something you possibly do not need.

What They Are

This coil is a main component to your air conditioner because it takes warm air, removes the heat, and replaces it with cool air. This happens because when the coolant in the system evaporates it cools the air passing by. They can also be used as part of your furnace, in which case it will do the job exactly opposite and absorb the cool air out. So essentially the evaporator coils are the main reason the air in your home comes out cooler or warmer than before, and they are the key component to keeping your home comfortable.

Where They Are Located

Where the evaporator coil is found depends on if you have a furnace or not. If you have a furnace the coil will be inside sitting on top of your furnace, if not it will be installed as part of your air handler. On a furnace, the evaporator coil is either on or next to the air handler while for an air conditioner the evaporator coil and the condenser are close together and are located on the inside of the unit.

Why We Need to Take Care of the Coil

Coil leaks and faulty installation are the biggest problems you can run into with your evaporator coil performance. Erosion of the evaporator coil is a big problem for Floridians because our air conditioners are on almost constantly. The erosion takes place when copper, water and oxygen mix together and eat away at the coil. If you do find yourself with a leaking coil give one of our skilled HVAC technicians a call today for professional removal and replacement.


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