Using & Troubleshooting Honeywell Thermostat

Common problems you may face with your new thermostat

Thermostats have gotten very advanced in the past decade. Now you can purchase thermostats that talk to you and that can even be controlled by your cell phone. But whether you have a regular or programmable thermostat there are many common problems you may face. From settings to wiring, this post will go over some of the problems that you at home may be able to fix.

Checking the Temperature and Using On/Auto/Circ Settings

The ‘Auto’ setting on your thermostat should be under ‘System.’ If you do not see this option you may not have that feature.

The ‘Fan’ selection on your thermostat may have two or three different settings depending on the appliance. The ‘On’ setting means the fan will be on continuously. The ‘Auto’ selection will allow the fan to run only when the cooling or heating system gets turned on by the thermostat. The final selection, ‘Circ’ or Circulate, will allow the fan to run for only 35% of the time, not including the time that the fan is on because of the furnace or A/C. The most energy efficient setting is definitely the ‘Auto’ setting because the fan is running the least.

What if Nothing is Showing on the Display Screen?

A blank display screen on is a very common problem and it could be one of many things causing it…

  • the furnace door- Furnaces have switch on their door that allows the central HVAC system to work only when the switch is activated. When the furnace door is not shut properly the door switch tells the the thermostat not to give power to it.
  • the breaker may have tripped- Most of the time your A/C and furnace have different assigned circuits on your electrical service panel so if either ones of these circuits trip you may not find out until you attempt to run them. A simple flicking of the circuit breaker to the ‘Off’ and then ‘On’ position should do the trick in this case.
  • loose wires- there can be anywhere from 3 to more than 6 tiny wires inside of your thermostat based on the type you own, and if one comes loose your system will not operate. If you need to reinstall a loose wire refer to your Owner’s Manuel for the particular colors and codes of the wires. Of course you may always call upon the company you bought the thermostat from from and they can service it for you.
  • dead batteries- If your thermostat is not equipped with a battery alert the batteries of your thermostat may have died and just need to be replaced.

System Turning On and Off Too Fast?

Your thermostat is designed to control the temperature of your home based on how much your system needs to run to maintain your desired temperature. This can be effected by how hot or cold it is outside. If you think your A/C is turning on too frequently remember that the average air conditioner will run 5 times in an hour.

Can the Backlight Be Turned On All the Time?

It depends on how the thermostat is powered. If it’s power runs by circuit then yes, if it’s battery-powered then no.

Verify Date and Time Settings

Date and time are important for almost any “computer.” Some of these programmable thermostats are so advanced that if the date and time settings are inaccurate the whole system will get thrown out of whack.

With programmable thermostats, incorrect date and time settings are extra important because these thermostats are usually programmed and set to different temperatures at ‘Wake,’ ‘Leave,’ ‘Return’ and ‘Sleep’ intervals. You’ll need to follow the steps from the Owner’s Manual to set the correct time based on your model number found on the back of the thermostat. Changing these settings to fit your schedule will save you money on your energy bills every month.

Call the Professionals

Many of the problems you may face with thermostats are easily fixable, especially with the help of the Owner’s Manual and the internet. However if there is ever something our brilliant HVAC technicians at Professional AC & Heating, Inc. can answer for you, they are always glad to help.

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