Telltale Signs It’s Time For AC Repair

As a homeowner, you should be aware of some of the telltale signs that indicate your Air Conditioner needs to be repaired. This can go a very long way to help you prevent significant and costly repairs down the road. Here at Professional AC & Heating, we know that it’s best to identify, diagnose, and fix small issues before they turn into big, expensive repairs.

Wondering when you should call us? We’ve put together a list of 8 warning signs that indicate your AC needs to be repaired.

8 Signs Your AC Unit Needs Repairs

  1. Strange Sounds or Smells. Your heating and air conditioning system shouldn’t make weird sounds(banging, knocking, etc.). You also shouldn’t have any strange smells coming out of your air vents (burning, mold, etc.). If you ever experience either of these issues give us a call right away.
  2. Leaks. You should never have standing water around your AC component and no part of your system should leak. If you notice standing water or a leaking system, call us right away.
  3. Frequent Cycle. If your air conditioning unit keeps cycling on and off, there’s definitely an issue and you need to schedule a service call.
  4. Inconsistent Temperatures. If temperatures fluctuate from room to room, we can help.
  5. Thermostat Issues. If your home feels like it’s 85 degrees and your thermostat says it’s 72, we need to come out and take a look.
  6. Poor Air Flow. If you have very little air coming out of your vents, book a repair appointment with one of our techs.
  7. Higher Humidity. If your AC unit can’t manage the humidity in your home, it might need to be repaired.
  8. Warm Air. If you turn on your AC and you have warm air coming out of your vents, give us a call.

Give one of our technicians a call at Professional AC & Heating for your ac repair needs.

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