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Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Necessary?

You hear a lot about air conditioning maintenance plans but are they worth it? The short answer: yes.

Scheduling routine maintenance ensures that you get the most out of your air conditioning unit. Regular check-ups can increase the longevity of your air conditioner and make sure it performs at its absolute best. When homeowners avoid routine AC maintenance, they run the risk of encountering unexpected and expensive repair or replacement costs.

How Often Should I Get My AC Serviced?

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends scheduling a maintenance check on your air conditioning system every 6 months. This is so homeowners can keep their AC systems running with optimal energy efficiency, meaning that their system isn’t using too much unnecessary power. It only takes a few months for your AC system to start pulling more power than it has to, which is why the EPA recommends maintenance twice a year.

AC Maintenance Lowers Your Monthly Energy Bill

When maintenance is performed and your AC unit is performing efficiently and effectively, it doesn’t pull as much power as a unit that has been neglected and in need of a tune up. Here in Florida, homeowners use their air conditioning systems every day, and electric bills can be pretty steep. In an effort to keep power bills to a minimum, most homeowners schedule preventative AC maintenance to not only keep their unit functioning properly, but to save money as well.

We Offer A $89.95 Preventative Maintenance Special!

One of our most popular services is our $89.95 preventative maintenance special! This special service includes a full 24-point inspection of any residential air conditioning system, and is designed to optimize your units energy efficiency and lower your utility bill.

What’s Included With Our Preventative Maintenance Special:

Calibrate thermostat for temperature accuracyYes
Check A/C starting capabilitiesYes
Inspect all visible refrigerant lines for Freon leaksYes
Check amperage draw on A/C compressorYes
Check amperage draw on fan motorsYes
Check accessible duct work for air leaksYes
Oil and lubricate all moving parts if requiredYes
Adjust blower and components for proper operationYes
Inspect and tighten all electrical connectionsYes
Flush drain line(s) Clean accessible drain pan areaYes
Check A/C filtersYes
Check air for temperature drop and efficiencyYes
Check A/C system for mold contaminationYes
Service fan limit switchYes
Heat sequencer testingYes
Adjust blower fan controlYes
Check electrical relay switchesYes
Check electrical relay switchesYes
Check high limit sensor(s)Yes
Check automatic heat cut off controlsYes
Check fuses inside heat stripsYes
Check main circuit breaker for proper amperage sizingYes
Check for corrosion build up on unitYes
Tighten fan belts to correct tensionYes
1 Pound of Freon refrigerant FREEYes

Save Money with Our Affordable Preventative Maintenance Special!

Our preventative maintenance deal is structured to optimize your AC units efficiency and to lower your monthly utility costs. Recommended by the EPA, air conditioner maintenance is absolutely necessary to sustain your units lifespan. Not only that, but if you are interested in saving money every month on your electric bill, preventative maintenance is must!

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