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Why Is Blown-In Insulation Important?

Blown-In Insulation is important for a few good reasons, and it can affect your homes air in ways you may not expect. Such as having an attic in your home being useful space for more than just storage and old things. It is also a space for your homes insulation, which directly affects your indoor temperature. Most modern houses have basic insulation installed when they are built, however sometimes they are not adequately insulated.

With the temperatures that we experience as Floridians, it has become vital to make sure your home has the insulation it needs so you can have the best home experience possible. Florida’s naturally higher temperature makes adequate blown-in insulation recommended by the U.S. Department Of Energy, as the added insulation prevent over-using your homes AC system. It uses less energy to operate, and therefore lowering your energy bill.

Why Should I have Blown-in Insulation?

The benefit of having blown-in insulation in Orlando is that your home can be shielded from cold nights in the winter and hot days in the summer. By adding more insulation to irregularly shaped areas and around obstructions, your air conditioning system doesn’t have to battle the temperature alone. By running your air conditioner on less power over time, this directly correlates with how much energy your home uses, and that you pay for!

As an Orlando resident, having the proper amount of Blown-in Insulation can benefit you by:

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Orlando Home Insulation Service

Interested in cutting down on expensive energy bills and want higher home energy efficiency? Professional AC And Heating offers an affordable and precise Blown-Insulation Service.

We use fire retardant blown-in insulation for maximum safety precautions. We specifically use Pink Panther Propink insulation for its thermal performance compared to other forms of cellulose insulation. We pump this insulation in and it adapts to the space it enters, making it perfect for attics and hard to reach areas of your home. 

Blown-In Insulation is important because when your home is faced with experiencing extreme tropical temperatures, this unique form of insulation can exemplify your home air conditioning and overall energy efficiency. And when your home has higher energy efficiency, that means lower energy costs. Who wouldn’t want to make their home as comfortable as possible AND save money at the same time?

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