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Residential Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Services Florida Residents Trust

Residential air conditioning services are inevitable for any Florida homeowner as it can be suffocating without it. As residents of Florida, we all spend a lot of time indoors. Our homes air conditioning system is what keeps us comfortable during Florida’s hot and humid year-round weather. And if we are going to depend on our air conditioning system, it’s always nice to have a trustworthy and reliable HVAC contractor to call when the temperature starts to rise.

Since 2000, Professional AC And Heating has been serving Central Florida and surrounding areas with top-notch residential air conditioning services including air conditioning repair, installations, maintenance and more.

Air Conditioning Services We Offer

Air Conditioning Installations

Need a new or replacement air conditioning system? We offer a fully comprehensive installation service that can be done on almost any budget with our special financing option. Get Your Free quote on an AC installation today!

Air Conditioning Repair

Since Floridians are constantly running their air conditioning every day, it is inevitable that over time an AC unit will break down and require a repair. Our skilled technicians can diagnose the problem and fix the system in a timely and professional manner. Our AC repair service calls are only $95!

Preventative Maintenance

By scheduling regular AC preventative maintenance on your AC unit you can increase your homes energy efficiency and keep costly repairs at bay. We offer a 24-Point preventative maintenance tune up where we inspect every element of the air conditioner for only $89.95! We can also include 1-year service warranty and up to 1 pound of Freon refrigerant.

Air Duct Cleaning

Having clean air ducts in your home is an essential part of its overall indoor air quality. Our technicians inspect the air ducts and remove numerous contaminants that may be harboring inside. Having your air ducts clean is a sure fire way to improve the overall air quality of your home.

Indoor Air Quality

Signs of poor indoor air quality in your home are musty odors, window condensation, and allergy problems. We take our state of the art air quality technology and apply it to your air conditioning system so you and your family can breathe easy and feel more comfortable.

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Blown-In Insulation

This unique type of home insulation has the potential to reduce extra heat in your home, therefore it’s pulling less power from your air conditioner. This can save you money on your monthly energy bill and optimize your homes energy efficiency!

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24-Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

In Florida, air conditioning is about comfort for some. For others, it is absolutely necessary for their health and well-being. That is why we offer a 24-hour emergency AC repair service so we can available at any time for when your unit breaks down unexpectedly.

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