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New AC Can Boost Home Value


Does a new HVAC unit actually increase the value of your home? The answer is yes, and it’s in more ways than one. So if you have been wondering whether it’s worth it to splurge on a new HVAC system, you don’t have to anymore! You not only get to enjoy a more comfortable interior but better resale value.

Increases the Overall Energy-Efficiency of Your Home

There are many home improvements that could potentially improve the resale value of your home. The common thing with these home improvements is that they make your home more convenient. A new HVAC unit could benefit you in this regard because home buyers value a home with better energy efficiency. Increasing the energy efficiency of your home has become a popular trend in recent years. Old HVAC units have a habit of being inefficient, so upgrading to a more efficient system means you can save on heating and cooling costs in the long run, and this helps to increase the resale value of your home.

Keeps Your Home Comfortable

According to the New York Times, the United States uses more air conditioning than all other nations combined, with over 80% of US homes having some kind of air conditioning. The reason why air conditioning is so popular is that it makes the home more comfortable. So it automatically followers that most home buyers in the United States are looking to buy a home with an efficient and upgraded HVAC system. They know they’ll enjoy the home more if the indoor temperature is well-regulated.

Saves You Money and Time

A new HVAC unit might boost the resale value of your home if home buyers realize that they can save on repairs and HVAC installation if they just purchase a home that already has an efficient and upgraded system. No one wants the hassle of dealing with HVAC repairs, so by saving your future homeowners the trouble, you can easily increase your home’s value. This is especially so if you upgrade to a unit with high Energy Star ratings.

Once you factor in all these benefits of a new HVAC unit, it makes sense why buyers might be more willing to buy your home if they knew that a new HVAC model was recently installed. If you’re looking to boost the resale value of your home, a new HVAC unit might just do it. Get in touch with us today at Professional AC & Heating to discuss your options.

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