Make Your Home Greener

What Can You Do to Save the Earth?

Giving ourselves and the next generation a “greener” future

For the most part we all know what carbon dioxide does to our atmosphere; it traps heat in our ozone layer and destroys it while increasing global warming. Obviously this no bueno. To prevent this extreme weather change and damage to our ozone layer we must reduce our carbon footprint! It is no fair to our children or the generations after that, that they will have to deal with our laziness with this issue. It is almost downright irresponsible how we’ve been treating this earth and it’s time to make a change today! Have a heart and use these practices for your home to reduce your carbon footprint and take care of our beautiful planet and children.

Programmable Thermostats Are the Way of the Future

Can you guess what will cost you about $50 and make you that money back in its first year of use? Programmable thermostats save you so much money by keeping your A/C at the temperature it needs to be instead of at one constant temperature. For example keeping your A/C on at 72° all day everyday will not only cause your energy bills to be higher, but it will wear out your HVAC unit much faster than if you had a programmable thermostat.

These devices have the ability to turn the temperature higher when you’re away at work or are asleep, and lower when you are about to be home from work or are relaxing. Some of these thermostats even give you the ability to change the temperature of your home from any location using your smart phone! Your HVAC system uses the most power in your house, imagine how much you could reduce your carbon footprint and energy bill if you could turn your A/C up every time you’re away with no worries.

Lighting Up Your Home the “Green” Way

Professional AC & Heating believes that compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are the best light bulbs for your home. They have that cool curly shape and save more than two thirds of the energy of a regular incandescent bulb. These bulbs have a lifespan of 6,000-15,000 hours, they are much cheaper and can directly replace your current bulbs which only last 1,000 hours. This will help your pocket and the environment immediately. In fact, if everyone in U.S. would switch their light bulbs we could reduce the electricity spent on lighting by one half! That would take care of a lot of footprints…

Insulation, Weatherstripping and Caulking: The Best Way to Maintain Temperature

These 3 things work together to save you energy, improve the comfort of your home, make it quieter and they help you save money. The insulation in your attic and walls, combined with caulking and weatherstripping keep your home from getting drafts or air leaks. Cold or hot air leaking into the home will cause your HVAC system to work harder, ultimately causing your power bill to go up and increasing your carbon footprint. These items don’t cost too much money and will significantly reduce your CO2 levels and extend the life of your A/C.

Your HVAC System Makes A Big Difference on Energy Usage

 As we mentioned before your HVAC system is the most power-hungry appliance you own. Keeping your heating and cooling system properly maintained will save you a pretty penny in the long run, and it will keep your home’s energy bill down. If you ever need preventative maintenance done on your system you can always give one of our licensed and bonded HVAC professionals a call today for a free quote. Also whenever the day does come when you need a new system, investing in ENERGY STAR products will reduce your carbon footprint even more!

Water-Conserving Showerheads and Toilets Help You Save in the Bathroom

Bet you didn’t know that you can reduce water and heating costs, even in your bathroom. Switching to more energy and water efficient items will save you money and reduce carbon dioxide by using less water and power. You may not be aware that conventional showerheads flow at a rate of 5 gallons per minute or more, whereas low-flow showerheads typically flow at 2.5 gallons per minute or less. This is a water savings of half! To save even more water you can turn the faucet off when brushing or shaving. These simple changes and steps can save many thousands of gallons of water annually.

Power Saving Electronics

Whenever you are scoping out new electronics for your home make sure that you invest your money in ENERGY STAR products for the most energy savings. While constantly using power efficient appliances in your home you can watch the amount you’re saving on energy bills really start to add up. Another way you can save power on your existing electronics is to always turn them off when they are not in use. Unplugging these items while they are not in use will prevent those “vampire” energy suckers from using up power while on standby mode.

As you can see there are many way you can help save our planet and ozone layer just by making simple changes in your home. Things such as  the lighting, HVAC system, electronics and many other factors contribute to our growing CO2 problem. Help take control of these problems and save our incredible planet today!

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