Is Your AC Ready For Summer?

Get Your Air Conditioner on Summertime Standby!

maintenance for AC

Maintenance for your air conditioner probably doesn’t seem like a high priority for commercial building owners when the weather is cool, but as you know, we can experience warm temps pretty much any time here in the Central Florida. And as temperatures rise earlier in the spring than ever before, it’s important to get your ac unit into shape now for maximum reliability and performance throughout the spring and summer. Your tenants, employees and visitors will appreciate the indoor comfort, too.

What’s involved in this kind of prep for warmer temperatures? Chances are for most busy property owners, it starts with a call to your licensed, certified HVAC technician to make all the necessary repairs, do the inspections, and service the equipment that will become even more important in the months ahead. But for those who are interested, here are some typical elements of a maintenance visit that will get your air conditioner in shape for a warm and wonderful spring and summer.

First, your tech will obviously cut the power to the AC she or he will be working on during the visit. If you decide to handle the upkeep yourself, you should do so too as the first thing involved in any maintenance inspection or service. The power to the condenser must be turned off. Whether it’s a lever, or a circuit breaker, or several fuses, these have to be absolutely shut down before anything further is done.

Next, your tech will check your air filters. For maximum energy efficiency and clean indoor air, filters should be changed at least every 3-6 months; some customers prefer doing so more often. Luckily, filters are inexpensive and widely available.

The HVAC technician will also inspect the condenser, the coolant lines and of course, the condenser. Quite often the coils for the condenser will need to be cleaned. The technician will check the blower and condensate drain, making sure there are no system issues along the way. Lubrication and service of relevant components are part of any maintenance visit, as well as adjusting equipment settings. Your tech will check for refrigerant and ductwork leaks and test your thermostat to make sure it is properly calibrated.

In short,  all these maintenance tasks are usually not that complicated. But in doing them, your friendly HVAC service professional is saving you from later system breakdowns, usually on the hottest day of the year (why it always seems that way, we couldn’t tell you. It just is.). Just as you routinely service your vehicles to preserve and protect them, make sure you do the same for your air conditioning. For commercial building owners whose employees, tenants and customers demand indoor comfort, it’s mission critical to keep your HVAC in top condition all year round. Contact Professional AC & Heating to schedule your air conditioning maintenance appointment today.