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Is An Upgrade Worth it?

You may be dealing with an internal battle. The deal is that you have an air conditioner that is breaking down or, worse, has already given out completely. You need a new air conditioner. But here is where the struggle pops up. You are debating whether it is worth it.

You wouldn’t be the first to encounter this back and forth. We often end up talking to residents who find themselves caught between how much it costs to replace an AC versus being without any AC at all. We want you to know that an upgrade is well worth it and may end up being less of an issue for your budget than you might think.

Upgrading Now Is Always Best

Let’s say you are 110% sure that you need an upgrade–it’s been confirmed by a technician and everything! We get that the cost of a replacement can feel like a reason to hold off for a while. The reality is however that the sooner you upgrade your AC the most you’ll benefit. Here’s why:

An upgrade is a great idea if your AC is on its way into retirement. As we mentioned before, we understand that the cost of a replacement can feel prohibitive. That is exactly why we offer financing options to help ensure that you can get the system upgrade you need without destroying your budget for the year.

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