How Windows Effect Energy Efficiency


Have you ever thought about how efficient your home is?

Chances are, if you’ve never had to deal with higher than average utility bills, you might not have.

But better energy efficiency means more affordable HVAC operating costs. And there are so many ways you can improve that efficiency, a lot of which has to do with how you use your HVAC systems and how well cared for they are through maintenance.

But a huge part of improving efficiency is actually in your windows–your windows could be creating a lot more problems than you realize. Read on to learn how replacing those windows can boost your home efficiency.

Prevent Air Leakage

As we just mentioned above, your HVAC systems play a huge role in how efficient your home is. So too does insulation.

But if your home has a lot of leaks, it will be difficult for your air conditioner or heating system to maintain a set temperature. This means your system will run longer to try to compensate, which is what leads to more money being spent on an annual basis. With better windows in place, you can seal up the leaks that are contributing to the decline in your energy efficiency.

It’s important to remember that air leaks do not have to be excessively large or even obvious to have a big impact on the overall efficiency of your home. Older windows are one of the most common areas to experience problematic leaks. Older doors are too, and you can turn to us for your door installation and replacement services too!

Minor gaps in between your windows and their frames can contribute to energy loss, as can the actual construction of the window. By having new, energy-efficient windows installed throughout your home, you can cut down considerably on the amount of conditioned air escaping from your home.

Improve Comfort

Let’s not forget that when an HVAC system can perform at its best, it keeps that HVAC system healthier longer! Energy-efficient window installation can help improve your comfort.

For instance, households that have rooms that receive a lot of sunlight exposure are going to warm up quickly, particularly if those rooms don’t have energy-efficient windows. This can be especially troublesome during the summer months!

Reduce Noise

This doesn’t have so much to do with efficiency, but it definitely has a lot to do with your quality of life. Modern window installations do more than just protect against air leaks and a decline in comfort.

Noise pollution is a big deal for many homeowners throughout the country. You don’t need to have constant construction taking place across the street, or a helicopter flying overhead, to find outdoor noises annoying sometimes. But new windows can be your solution.

Your home’s windows are the easiest entry point for soundwaves. After all, your windows are a lot thinner than the walls, and don’t have HVAC insulation to keep out noise. But more advanced window installations are designed with this in mind, helping to insulate the home in multiple ways. Contact Professional AC & Heating!

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