How To Read Digital Thermostat

As technology continues to expand, a great new upgrade to hit the HVAC market is the smart thermostat. This new temperature regulator allows you to easily control the temperature in your home from your smartphone and makes recommendations about energy-efficient settings. If you don’t have a smart thermostat yet, it’s time to consider getting one.

Easier To Read Digital Displays

One of the greatest benefits of a smart thermostat is that it has a large digital display. This display will provide you with two important temperatures. These are the actual temperature inside your home and the desired temperature that you want it to be. Some devices will even display the outdoor temperature for your convenience.

Setting the Recommended Temperatures

Smart thermostats allow you to program in desired temperatures for any hour throughout the week. You can easily use this to your advantage by programming different temperatures for when you’re at home and when you’re away. The idea is to keep your system from running during the times when you’re not at home to save yourself money on your energy bills.

Experts recommend setting your temperature to 78 degrees when you’re at home and 88 degrees when you’re away from home during the hot summer months. Experts recommend setting your thermostat to 68 degrees during the winter months when you’re at home and 58 degrees when you’re away from home. Just ensure that you turn the thermostat back to your desired at-home temperature about an hour before returning home.

Mobile Phone Compatibility

Another benefit of a smart thermostat is that you can easily control your home’s HVAC system from the comfort of your smartphone. While programming your thermostat is a great way to save energy, plans do change. Fortunately, you can adjust your home’s thermostat from your smartphone.

Another great mobile benefit of a smart thermostat is algorithm adjustments. Your thermostat will learn your habits and make adjustments to your home’s temperature. For example, in the summertime, your smart thermostat will monitor your smartphone’s location. When you’re on the way home, your thermostat will automatically reduce the temperature to ensure that you walk into a cool and comfortable home environment.

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