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How To Prevent HVAC System Damage During A Hurricane

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At the time of writing this article we have Hurricane Irma targeting the eastern coast of Florida as the second strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded in NOAA history. Our first thoughts are prayers and hope to all those that will be affected by this tremendous storm. We have a few days for the course to change and this article we be updated if that does change, but we also think it’s a good time to discuss preparedness for this disaster. While the news agencies in Florida will give you valuable information on preparing your family and yourselves for the upcoming storm, not many tell you the simple steps to take in regards to your HVAC equipment.

What Steps Should I Take to Prepare for a Hurricane?

As a homeowner during any hurricane and particular one as large and dangerous as Irma, several key things should be done. Taking preventative measures ahead of time can save you valuable time and money after the disaster. They can also help alleviate some of the potential fallout after the disaster living you and your family in a better situation.

After the Storm Passes

You want to do a few check ups of your HVAC system to prevent any additional issues from popping up during clean up efforts. You have just survived a dramatic experience and the last thing you need is a nasty surprise. Take the time to do it right.

When in doubt always call us up. Our customer service representatives can answer questions, connect you to a professionally licensed technician and get someone out to your home to rectify situations for you in a safe and comfortable way. Whether you are prepping for the storm or you are cleaning up after the storm you can always rely on Professional A/C and Heating, Inc. to help your family reach a safe situation.

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