How To Prep Your A/C For Summer

Summers in Florida can be absolutely miserable with no A/C. Between the 95° heat and 100% humidity, your home’s air conditioner is just about the only thing keeping you and your family comfortable. Unfortunately though, with your A/C constantly pumping out that icy air, a lot of them tend to break down during the summertime. The poor things just overwork themselves to death. 

Well we’re here to help you with that! Here are some tips to help save your beloved air conditioners life:

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

New programmable thermostats are all the rage. These thermostats, also called smart thermostats, reduce the workload of your A/C by monitoring your home’s temperature so you don’t have to. For example, in most homes there is a good 6 to 8 hours where your air conditioner is virtually unneeded. But you can’t just keep turning your A/C on and off all the time, your cooling bill would be outrageous!

Here’s why these thermostats are great, they allow you automatically have your thermostat turned up 7° (a recommended change in temperature) while you are away from the house, and then turn back to your desired home temperature right before you return back home. Why pay to cool your home while you’re not there? The answer is you shouldn’t, it will overwork your air conditioner. With these thermostats you can control your A/C from almost anywhere and reduce its workload by around 25% a week. 

Make Sure Your Home has Proper Attic Insulation

Many homes in Florida have not only inadequate insulation, but they don’t have enough of it. Insulation is the glue that holds our HVAC system together. Without proper insulation your air conditioner is literally pumping out cold air just for it to heat up back up again very quickly. 

Professional AC & Heating offers almost 12 inch thick blown-in insulation, the best of the best for home insulation in Florida. Make sure to have your home’s attic insulation inspected to make sure your air conditioner isn’t overexerting itself to keep up with the lack of insulation.

Utilize Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can be a lifesaver in the summertime. They can make a room feel up to 4° cooler and breezy for your comfort. So if you feel like turning your A/C’s temperature down in the heat of they day, first try turning your ceiling fan on and see if that does the trick. Your air conditioner will thank you for it. 

Make Sure Your Ducts Have No Leaks 

Did you know that over 70% of homes in Florida have leaky ductwork? Old ducts can easily get leaks in them because of the materials that used to be used to make and insulate them. Your ducts are what cool, conditioned air travels through to eventually flow out your vents and into your living space. When your ducts have leaks in them, that cool air gets dispersed into areas of your home that you don’t want them in, making your A/C run longer to achieve its desired effect. That’s why next time your HVAC system is being serviced be sure to ask what shape your ducts are in and if they are leaking out your hard-earned cool air.  

Have Fun Outdoors

Here’s a no brainer for you: If you want to ease up the workload on your A/C, simply go outside and have some fun! Try to take one day of the week to turn the temperature up in your home and head outdoors to get back in touch with your natural side. That day will save you money on your power bill, it will help you disconnect from technology, and most importantly it could help save your air conditioner’s life! 

Try going to a park or picnic, heading out to the beach with your friends or family, or even going to a theme park. All of these things will get you out of the house and benefit your bills. 

Keep Up with Servicing Your Air Conditioner

Did you know that it is recommended that you have your HVAC system serviced twice a year? Well if you didn’t chances are you haven’t had it serviced in a while. It’s time for all of that to change. The very best way to prevent your air conditioner from working too hard is to have it serviced regularly. The reason it is so important is because the HVAC technicians flush out any unwanted fluid or blockages in your system and ensure that it is running as smoothly as possible. Remember all these tips this summer, and keep your A/C and HVAC system in great running order.