How To Cool Upstairs In Summer

If you live in a two-story home, then it is likely the upper floor gets a lot warmer during the summer. But adjusting the thermostat can create an imbalance so the lower levels get too cold. Here is what you need to know about why the upstairs gets so hot, what you can do, and when you need to call for air conditioning repair in Orlando.

Why Does the Second Floor Get Hot?

Here are just a few reasons why the upper stories of the home are often warmer than the rest of the house in summer. First, hot air rises. Second, the roof also gets hot, and heat trapped in the attic settles onto the top floor of the house. Lastly, the upstairs might be hot because your air conditioning system is too old and is no longer able to keep up with the cooling demands.

What are Some Ways to Cool Down the Second Floor?

Here are ten things you can try to make the upper floors of your home more comfortable during the summer heat.

1. Block the Sun

First, stop heat from the sun. Shade the windows with solar film or window coverings to block the heat.

2. Insulate

Insulation in the attic can make all the difference when combating heat on the second floor. Double check, and make sure your insulation is up to snuff.

3. Ventilate

Even in the hottest parts of summer, there are still cooler times of the day. During these respite periods, try to open the windows and doors to let the cool air in.

4. Turn on the Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans do not cool the air, but they do help make the air feel cooler. So if you are occupying a room, turn on the ceiling fan and feel a couple degrees cooler.

5. Check the Air Registers

Maybe the cooling system is working fine, but someone has closed or blocked some of the upstairs registers. Go room to room making sure the vents are open and unobstructed for the most efficient cooling.

6. Replace the Air Filter

Air filters are often neglected. If you want your system to run efficiently you should check the filters once a month and replace them when they get clogged.

7. Create Climate Zones

Establishing climate zones is sort of like shutting all the vents downstairs so more cool air gets directed to the upstairs. Hiring a professional to install a climate zone will improve comfort and give you the ability to better manage where the cold air flows from the cooling system.

8. Repair Ductwork

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Leaky ductwork could be the source of your cooling issues. You will need to contact a professional to help figure out where the leak is occurring and have them make repairs.

9. Get Air Conditioning Maintenance

Routine maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your HVAC system in top shape. It is also a great way to address any concerns you might have and stay ahead of most major issues.

10. Add a Second Cooling System

If you try a little bit of everything and the upstairs still doesn’t cool down, it might be time to install a second cooling unit. Contact the professionals at Professional AC & Heating. They can help with air conditioning repair in Orlando and help sort out any cooling problems you might have.