How Landscaping Can Lower Energy Bill

The Summer of Savings Awaits You
Landscaping for shade can save you money that you didn’t expect!

Heat from our beautiful Florida sun can really add some cost to your power bill each month. We even have the sun shining all day throughout the winter! Making smart landscaping choices around you home can make a large difference to your home’s energy efficiency. You can literally and figuratively “go green” by planting trees and shrubs that will shade and protect your home and your wallet. In sunny Florida if you are standing under a tree you may notice that the temperature can be up to 25 degrees less than the surrounding sunlit areas. What this translates to is a decrease in the temperature of your walls by up to 9 degrees!! That puts a lot more ease on your A/C unit.

Shade Your Roof And Walls

Having tall trees hanging over your roof adds extra insulation. Your roof receives the most direct sunlight; by keeping shade over your roof your attic insulation and air conditioner can do less work because the sun’s rays aren’t directly beaming down onto it. Keeping the walls surrounded by shrubs also adds insulation by never letting your walls be blazing hot in the first place. You can even get a vines growing on some of the sides of your home to put a bit of “sunscreen” on them. Anything you can do to take off some of the pressure from your beloved HVAC unit is supremely beneficial to your energy bill cost.

Shade Some of the Windows

Windows are the most common ways to let sunlight into your home. However, on a hot summer day more than just light gets let in. The solar heat filling up your home will cause your air conditioning unit to kick on and perhaps stay on for hours while it fights to remove that hot air from your home. In order to let some light in but not too much, you may consider surrounding some of your home with bushes or shrubs that reduce the amount of solar heat going into the home. Your A/C unit running constantly is not only bad for your monthly bill, but it will also wear the unit down much faster causing possible replacement.

Types and Placement of Trees are Important Too

Deciduous trees are wonderful for providing wide areas of shade and can be bought at large sizes (6 to 8 feet). The tops of them are wide so they can shade a large area with ease. Make sure that their root systems do not disturb parts of your home by planting them an adequate distance away from your house. Also when planting trees and shrubs make sure you plant them due west of west windows and due east of east windows. Putting them directly in the north or south directions will benefit you very little.

Energy savings by proper landscaping can be up to 25% of your heating and cooling bill! In Florida especially your home may need all the shade it can get in order to keep cool and comfortable. Keep these ideas in mind next time you are doing some gardening around the house and you can be a part of the savings, too.

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