Home Warranty vs Maintenance Plan

Some homeowners protect their HVAC system with a maintenance plan while others go with a broader home warranty. Let’s take a look at a home warranty vs. an HVAC maintenance plan and see which is best for your home in Central Florida.

Home Warranty

Home warranties are contracts that alleviate the full costs of repairs, replacement or servicing of home systems and appliances. Plans can differ based on factors like what appliances to include, age, etc. Some contracts may offer exclusive benefits based on the services.

HVAC Maintenance

A plan designed for your HVAC system establishes a time period-based schedule for routine assessments of system performance. The contractor creates a timetable and tasks for your HVAC components. It’s an overall maintenance process that ensures your system runs at peak throughout the year.

Which Plan Is Right for You?

A home warranty covers a range of home appliances. The HVAC maintenance plan revolves around the ventilation, heating and cooling units and their related aspects, such as indoor air quality.

You want an HVAC maintenance plan if you want to ensure your heating ad cooling systems are professionally care for. With this plan, you never worry about remembering what maintenance needs performing when.

Wider coverage, which can include your HVAC system, in a home warranty plan is for the budget-conscious. It ensures that over the long term, your home has protection whether it’s your HVAC, stove or washing machine that goes on the fritz.

Homeowners with appliances four years or older who don’t want to worry about unexpected repairs and replacement costs might consider home warranties. The Central Florida homeowner hoping to manage their home climate, save on parts and labor, and manage lower utility expenses should look at a regular maintenance plan that covers their HVAC system.

If you want a better idea of which maintenance plan is best for you, contact Professional AC & Heating. Our professional team will walk you through the process and answer all your questions.

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