Fight Viruses With A Central Humidifier

As we tend to spend more and more time outdoors with the hot weather, having effective virus protection equipment is vital to reduce the risk of exposure. Believe it or not, one way that you can better protect your home from transmission is to install a central humidifier.

Viruses actually thrive in humid environments. Dry indoor air allows small particles, such as dust, debris, bacteria, and viruses, to hang in the air and recirculate through your home. By adding moisture into the air through a humidifier, you can increase the size and weight of air droplets and force airborne particles to surfaces much quicker, significantly reducing your risk of inhalation.

Humidity control also helps increase your body’s immune response. The immune system protects your body against pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, fine dust and other aggressive substances. One way which your body does this is through mucous membranes: sticky secretions in your body which catch harmful particles before they enter your body. When humidity is low, these vital components of your immune system are too dry to function, allowing these harmful particles to pass; however, keeping a humid environment keeps them functioning at their best, better protecting you and your family from harmful dust, debris, bacteria, and viruses.

Make 2021 the year you consider the addition of a residential or commercial humidifier!

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