Energy Saving Tips DEBUNKED!

Find out which tips are fact, and which are myths!

There are many things people THINK they know about energy savings. We all have spouses or friends that think they have these revolutionary ways to save the earth and money at the same time. But how many of theses pointers are factual, and how many just sound good? It’s time to find out…

  • It requires less energy to boil water if you fill the pot with hot water- This is false because while you saved a very minimal amount of money by boiling already hot water, you in turn spent additional money by using your water heater to heat that water.
  • Leaving lights and computers on all the time uses less energy than turning them off and on repeatedly- While it is true that lights and computers don’t use nearly as much power as they once did, it is still always more energy efficient to turn a light or appliance completely off when not in use. It takes far less energy to send a small surge of power to a light switch or wall socket to turn something on than it does to leave it running the entire day.
  • The bigger the A/C the better- This is one of the times when bigger is not always better. An air conditioner that is bigger than what you need to cool your house costs you in more ways than one. You will pay hundreds more for the unit itself and such a big thing running all the time will make your energy bills skyrocket!
  • It is cheaper to leave the air conditioner at the same setting for the entire day- False. There is absolutely no reason your home should be being cooled off completely while your family is away from it for hours.
    1. What really causes your power bills to go up is when the outside air has a huge difference between your desired inside air temperature. If your A/C is running at 73° at noon when you and your family are away from the house you are paying a lot of money to have a comfortable unoccupied house. If you refrain from keeping your house the same temperature all the time you can save on your energy bills by up to 15%! Programmable thermostats are a great tool to help you with this and they can be set automatically so your home will be cool and comfortable as soon as you walk in the door.
  • Putting the A/C on a lower than needed temperature will make it cool down faster- This is untrue because the air conditioner will not get your home cooler any faster; it will however cause your A/C to run for a longer amount of time in order to reach the thermostat setting.

Many of these suggestions sound good enough but just do not hold true. For the most part we can’t just make up energy saving shortcuts, some of them turn out to be harmful or contradictive when actually carried out. There are many proven ways to make your home greener that do not involve taking steps backwards and we are always here to help with any questions you may have. Professional AC & Heating has been around for over 25 years and is dedicated to helping you achieve a happy, healthy home.

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