Dust In Your Air Particles

Maybe it’s Time You Got Your System Cleaned
Sure your house is clean, but what about your HVAC system?

We are the #1 duct cleaning solution in the State of Florida. We have the best equipment, materials and licensed HVAC technicians for the job. Here at Professional AC & Heating, we take clean air seriously. Most of our customers have never cleaned their air ducts before they called us on a doctor’s recommendation. The benefit to your allergies, asthma and overall health is incredibly real and often overlooked. Sadly the beauty of Florida is what creates the prime habitat for mold, microbes and duct buildup. We use professional grade sanitization products, mold abatement encapsulants and custom built vacuum trucks. So when it comes to duct cleaning capabilities, we are second to none!

Florida Hates Duct Work

Florida is hot, muggy and rich in moisture. Your air ducts are dark, temperature regulated, and carry all the air for your home. These factors combined make your home’s duct work a prime target for some pretty scary stuff. If you have not cleaned your duct work in the last 5 years, you are breathing in everything that has gotten stuck laying around in your duct work. Every sneeze and cough will get pulled into your duct work. Most of it will never reach the filter before becoming lodged in the walls of the ducts. Over time, this can become a major source of infection, irritation and discomfort. Ever open your windows? Bring plants inside the home? Work in your garden or yard? You have tracked mold spores into your home. Those spores are sitting in the duct work waiting for the perfect storm of conditions to sprout and grow.

Our Process | The Best of the Best!

The approach we take involves our powerful custom built truck mounted vacuum duct cleaning system. Only two of these systems exist in Florida and we own both. We cut an access point into the plenum surrounding your air handler and attach large circumference vacuum hoses from the truck. We remove all the registers throughout the HVAC system for the home. At this point all the windows and doors are closed and we turn the truck on. The vacuum truck will remove all debris, particulates and loose material within the ventilation system for the home or business. While this is going on all the registers and vents are collected and sanitized. Depending on the condition of the home’s duct work or the customer’s need, we will spray Fosters after vacuuming the system to seal it and prevent future mold growth. The entire process can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the home.

Trust the Experts

No more playing around when it comes to your family’s health!

It may be safe to say that if you can’t remember the last time your HVAC system was serviced, you are overdue for a check up. Give us a call and we’ll come check your ducts and give you a free estimate on what needs to be done. Now this is very important: Do not EVER try and work on your system yourself! Distributors of these systems only allow authorized dealers to work on their units. Lucky for you, the technicians at Professional AC & Heating are authorized to service almost every major brand of HVAC unit. If you do decide to work on it yourself any warranties you previously had on the unit will be null and void as you will lose out on a lot of money, don’t make this mistake! Use our skilled HVAC techs to clean your system now, protect yourself and save going forward.

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