Duct Work Isn’t A DIY Job

Saving money by completing home projects on your own is a win-win for many homeowners, especially for avid home handymen and women. Not only do you get a weekend project out of it, but you save money at the same time. However, your home’s ductwork is one thing you should never DIY.

Why ductwork isn’t a DIY job

Your home’s air ducts are easy to overlook, but they’re a major part of the HVAC system. They’re responsible for getting conditioned air to the rest of your house, where it’s supposed to go. Damaged and improperly installed air ducts can dramatically reduce the energy efficiency of an HVAC system by keeping cool or warm air from reaching its destination. This causes problems in the future by straining the system, and it will hurt your wallet, too.

Proper air duct installation is a task that requires skill and experience – and, even then, it’s sometimes done wrong. If the cost of inadvertently damaging or improperly installing your ductwork during a DIY project is so high, why take the risk?

What are the signs of improper installation?

Many people don’t even know that their ducts weren’t installed correctly. However, inexperienced contractors may have cut corners with your duct installation. Look for these signs that your ducts aren’t installed correctly:

  • High energy bills
  • Stuffy rooms
  • Difficulty heating and cooling certain rooms
  • Excessive noise in the vents
  • Ductwork is visibly tangled, damaged or loose

Work best left for professionals

Whether you’re building a home or replacing bad ductwork, DIY duct installation can be tempting. However, a trustworthy professional contractor with the right tools, training and experience is the best person to install air ducts. Not only will they place your air ducts in the best configuration for energy efficiency and choose the right products for your home, but they will also handle the ducts properly to prevent leaks.

Having a professional install your air ducts comes with a cost, but it’s worth the confidence you’ll have that your ducts will serve you well for years to come. Avoid costly energy bills and future duct repairs — invest in professional ductwork.

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