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Dressing Up Your Old Thermostat

How to Make Your Thermostat Appealing to the Eye
Don’t keep looking at that eyesore!

How many of you have a big ugly old white thermostat hanging on your wall? Because thermostats take so long to break a lot of us have these really old thermostats that that simply don’t mesh with our modernized, high-tech decor and appliances of today. Now you can avoid having that eyesore on your wall by dressing up that old thermostat.

Frame It with a Picture Frame

A very popular way to make your thermostat look better is my putting a picture frame around it. It’s just like the artist’s say, “if it’s messed up, dress it up!” This also allows you to personalize the walls of your home. You can choose between a rustic, intricate, large or small frame and it will surely add some style to this clunky appliance. Now instead of just having the thermostat hanging on a bare wall you can have a work of art!

Make or Buy a Covering

Another great way to disguise your thermostat is by covering it. You can hang an actual picture or piece of artwork in front of it and then simply slide it over so you can adjust the thermostat. An even better way to cover it is by buying a some form of wall art that you can attach hinges to and open and shut it like a door to get access to the thermostat.

Note: Always remember to leave some way for the air conditioned air to get to the thermostat so you have an accurate reading.

Blend It In with Your Home’s Decor

Unsightly thermostats may also be disguised by arranging photos, artwork, or wall hangings in a way that your thermostat can compliment it. For example, if your thermostat is white you may want to surround it with pictures with big white frames in a design you like. This way they will blend together. If you’re the creative type it may be fun for you to create a wall design that camouflages the look of your thermostat and adds appeal to your home.

Get a Better Looking Thermostat

Of course the best way to avoid the wall being unappealing because of an old thermostat is to upgrade to a new one. The smart thermostats of today are especially attractive. Some of them are even designed to resemble cell phones and are sleek and shiny. Even more important than how they look though, is their affordability and fact that these thermostats will most certainly save you money on the power bill. You can set these thermostats to turn up the A/C while you are gone and back down when you will be returning home. No sense in paying to cool your home all day while you’re not in it! If this is way you choose to enhance your thermostat be sure to give our team of experienced HVAC technicians at Professional AC & Heating a call today.

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