Don’t Suffer Another Dry Winter!

3 Reasons Humidifiers are the Bees Knees
Keeping your sinuses and skin in perfect working order

Winter can sometimes be a pretty miserable season. Humidifiers are great things to have during the winter because they help keep the air in your home from being too dry and stiff. For some they either have to choose between being very cold inside their own home or having ashy skin. These devices force moisture into the air in the form of an invisible mist and the top three reasons you should invest in a humidifier this winter season are to prevent nosebleeds, to help keep family members who snore from snoring, and to help keep your skin and sinuses beautiful.

Say Goodbye to Nosebleeds Caused by the Winter Cold

Humidifiers are the #1 way to prevent a nose bleed! Nose bleeds happen most frequently during the colder months because your sinuses tend to be a little more dried out from the weather. Nosebleeds primarily happen when the little blood vessels that line the inside of the nose break and bleed. These blood vessels are very small and fragile and lay very close to the surface of the nose making them easy targets for injury. Dry cold air causes the outside of your nosed to become crusted, cracked and itchy, making you far more prone to nose bleeds. Humidifiers add moisture into the air and pump it throughout the room which will significantly reduce the amount of nosebleeds you can get by reducing the dryness. 

Preventing Snoring by Making the Air More Humid

Dry air does nothing to help snorers, it fact it even makes them worse! In the winter your throat and nasal membranes may become dry and that will contribute to congestion, causing air movement to be restricted. This restriction will cause the tissues of your throat to vibrate and ultimately cause you to snore. This happens because whenever something is dry it vibrates and makes more noise than something that is moist. Humidifiers are a typically inexpensive way to alleviate snoring by intruding moisture to your nose and throat passageways.

Give Yourself the Radiant Skin You Deserve!

As we talked about a little earlier, during the winter time many people wake up in the morning with dry and cracked skin. Using a humidifier will not only take care of this problem, but by using one throughout the year you will see tremendous long term benefits to the appearance of your skin. Women are often told they need to put lotion on everyday to keep their skin hydrated and supple, hoping in the long run to avoid more wrinkles and other skin problems. Supplementing moisture is important because when it gets dry enough outside, the moisture on our skin evaporates into the air causing our skin to look dryer and therefore older.

Your friends here at Professional AC & Heating want you to live the most comfortable life possible. As you can see humidifiers eliminate the lack of moisture problem, prevent nosebleeds, and can keep your skin glowing even when the climate is unfavorable. You can have one of our brilliant HVAC technicians give you all the facts and answer any questions you may have about incorporating a humidifier into your home today, just give us a call!

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