Can Coronavirus Spread Through Air Conditioning?

Can COVID-19 Spread Through My Air Conditioning?

Many Americans are asking if Coronavirus can spread through air conditioning with the outbreak in full swing. Also known as COVID-19, many people are becoming more aware of the importance of their indoor air quality and are wondering if the virus can be spread through their air conditioner. This is a valid questions Coronavirus is highly contagious and has the ability to travel far outside of someone who has been infected with it. This has been a stressful issue specifically for New Yorkers as they are concerned that the virus could spread through their apartment building air ventilation systems. But what about us who are located here in Orlando? Living in Florida, we use our air conditioners much more than other parts of the country, and with nearly 30,000 cases in Florida alone, Floridians have a genuine right to be concerned.

Air Conditioning In Cruise Ship And Restaurant Linked to Coronavirus

Since there is still such little information about how coronavirus can spread, it is hard to give just a yes or no answer to this question. There has been evidence that coronavirus has been traced to air conditioning systems in hospitals, but there has not been a specific case linked to a residential central air conditioning system. On the cruise ship Grand Princess, it was reported that the ship’s air filtration system had failed to stop the flow of the virus and perhaps spread it to other passengers. Keep in mind however that a cruise ship air conditioning system is vastly different from a residential one.

However, there was a case in China where apparently 9 patrons were infected with COVID-19 by a person who already had it and was sitting across the restaurant. Officials believe that the droplets from the infected person was carried through the dining rooms air conditioner and back out through vents located directly above the uninfected patrons.

Prevent The Spread Of Viruses In Your Home’s Air

Before the outbreak of COVID-19 many Floridians did not take their indoor air quality seriously, and only were interested in pumping cool air into their home. With the recent events we see all over the world, any Orlando residents are now taking the precautions necessary to make sure the air they are breathing in at home is sanitized and virus-free.

Are Your Air Ducts Clean?

Ask yourself when the last time you had your air ducts cleaned. Long ago? Can’t even remember? Maybe the threat of Coronavirus is now making you think about your homes air quality more often than ever. If so, a great place to start your sanitization process would be getting your air ducts inspected and cleaned.

Inside of air ducts, mold and bacteria can grow and mix with the cool AC you feel through your vents. Scheduling an air duct cleaning sometimes can make all the difference. By having a professional company come in and reach all of those hard places in your duct space can change the air you breathe – you should even be able to tell by the smell of it. Your air ducts should only be blowing the cool, crisp and clean air you want, not mysterious particles that can be potentially harmful. 

Purify Your Air With Technology Hospitals Use

Even before people were wondering if Coronavirus spreads through air conditioning, hospitals and care centers were already using air purifiers in the buildings system. These high tech attachments acts a filter from the future, using UV hight and Sporicidin air sanitizers. The MicroPure MX4 Ionic Oxidation air purification system is a state of the art ultraviolet light that instantly kills any microorganisms that enter through your system. This prevents pollutant build-up and you can avoid further duct cleanings and inspections.

Coronavirus is related to the SARS virus, and if they are the same size, then they are far too small to be filtered out by regular air filtration systems. But there is no need to panic as there are many ways that a home air conditioning system can filter out or fully destroy small droplet particles and viruses. Over the past few weeks have seen a surge in indoor air quality services such as duct cleanings and UV light sterilizations, as although experts can’t say for sure that the virus travels directly through air conditioning systems, most people would rather be safe than sorry.

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