Benefits Preventative Maintenance

Regular HVAC preventative maintenance is highly recommended to ensure longevity and efficiency for maximum capacity of your residential and/or commercial system. Wear and tear in Florida is inevitable but can be slowed down. Having your system checked twice a year can help save money and time. Once in the spring for cooling and once in the fall for winter.

You don’t need to be able to be a fortune teller to predict the weather to know that Florida has a history of the most roller coaster temperatures that can become unbearable without the preventative maintenance inspection. Comfort measures us as Floridians have come a custom to. Routine Preventative Maintenance Inspections can and will ensure.

Without routine preventative maintenance inspection, your system could fall short of its capability. HVAC systems contain many electrical and mechanical parts. Wear and tear cannot be stopped. However, it can be slowed and or detected before sometime detrimental happens to the system or your finances. Twice a year and low inspections fees would protect the comfort levels required by you; as well as your family and pets.

Common HVAC Failure Points

Common air conditioning and heating repairs can be detected before further damage on some occasions. Just a few of those active measures include;

  • Checking belts, pulleys and bearing wear

Bearing wear is a serious issue with blower motor and condenser fan motor; Could cause blower wheel to come off in the air handling unit. Cause damage to blower housing. Also a bad bearing at condenser fan motor could cause blower wheel to come off and damage the condenser coil. Which would create a refrigeration leak.

  • Checking for refrigerant leaks (coil, line set, duct work, throughout general accessible parts)
  • Checking electrical connections and components
  • Check coil and blower motor
  • Check amp draw

Testing for high amp draw on the compressor and fan motor is a fundamental check. The test makes sure that the compressor or fan motor are not drawing high amps. Drawing high amps in your air conditioning unit can result in a high electrical bill and irreparable damage.

  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check filter and change it out when one is provided by the customer
  • Check drain line and clear if needed

Clogged drain line could cause over flow and water damage to your walls, ceiling, flooring and surrounding areas.

  • Check for mold and mildew

Prevent medical issues including, asthma, itchy watery eyes, skin irritations etc.

Warning Signs of a Broken A/C Unit

Lose connections, loose pulleys, low refrigerant, weak and/or gaps in duct work. All could make the system run inefficiently. Impending bigger problems that should be prevented with routine checkups. Your ac system should generally run up to 15 minutes on each session if it’s working to maximum specs. Running any longer could indicate an issue and preventative maintenance inspection should be schedule as early as possible at your convenience.

What Contributes to A/C Failures

Some of you may have heard that heating may cost more than cooling. This is incorrect. As long as the system is running at max efficiency then it shouldn’t be different. Older homes definitely should not skip the inspection routine. Older homes tend to have weaker roofs, insulation and lack proper sealing to make your system run more. Running more would obviously create more wear and tear on your system. These issues can be detected by trained professionals and be addressed to once again save money and time.

Having your system inspected twice a year as advised can increase longevity of your system and ensure efficiency . Detecting small things to prevent larger things is always a plus. If you ever suspect that something is wrong. Such as weird noise, strange smell, thermostat being off a few degrees, or higher power bills. Contact a local licensed and insured HVAC tech to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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