Benefits Of UV Lights In HVAC Systems

Florida is known for having high temperatures along with insane amounts of humidity. These conditions tend to allow mold and allergens to flourish and propagate through your duct work. Protecting your central air and heating system protects you, your family and your pets. Ultraviolet light  treatment could prevent numerous illnesses and allergy related issues by killing mold and bacteria before they take root. Sterilizing the air as it passes the ultraviolet bulbs ensures the best possible air quality for your home.

Installation is simple and they have a carefree maintenance scenario. Generally lasting up to 9000 hours. Regularly checking just to see if the light is still on is all that needed to ensure that its working. Indoor air quality is made simple with such an easy step. Who wouldn’t want to reduce colds, flu, mold, respiratory health issues, and not to mention improving cooling efficiency by maintaining a cleaner coil and reducing electricity costs?

There are many different options and price ranges to chose from. Maybe you or a loved one are experiencing sneezing or sniffles. Maybe your getting an off smell in your home. UV protection could help alleviate that those issues. The benefits truly are endless.

Energy Savings with UV Light

Lets talk energy savings and reasons a UV light system would assist. Mold build up in your central air and heating system not only effects your health wise but also effects the efficiency and deterioration of the system. Mold harbors moisture which causes rust. Rust would eventually destabilize moving parts as well as wear and eat away at the surrounding metal. Build up would ultimately result is the clogging of your drain-line.

Mold can break down and destroy any material that it is on over time. In this process your system could be shut down by an emergency switch and leave you with no cool or heat until repaired. Having your system tested during bi-annual preventive maintenance will indicate its presence. UV light protection would in fact eliminate this issue.

Mold, Mildew and UV Light Benefits

Mold exposure in Florida is a constant risk. Whether it effects our in or outdoor air quality. Thankfully we can fight it and protect ourselves within our home. Some red flags to look for include: chronic sinus pressure or pain, nose bleeds, itchy watery eyes, skin irritations with itching/burning, mold induced asthma. Fuzzy brain and cough to name a couple more to the list of health risks. Depending on the severity, type and contact point of the mold. Avoiding these horrendous circumstances is pertinent. Medical bills and medications; along with the aspect of just not feeling good. Installing a UV assembly is HIGHLY recommended.

Your uv bulbs typically last 9,000-10,000 hours. Be careful not to look directly into them. It will burn your eyes. Make sure to use eye protection when trying to determine if the light is still working or not. Wearing sleeves to prevent burning to exposed skin is also suggested. Most bulbs; for max efficiency should only need be changed once a year. Bacteria is killed within 6 inches of the bulb in a 10 second time span. If necessary you can use use a lint free cloth to dust the bulbs.

UV Lights within your HVAC System

Installation of your UV light assembly should always been done by a trained professional. There are various types, sizes and designs made to suit your needs. The systems comes with brackets to strategically be placed inside of your HVAC system. Depending on your selection. One light can be placed over the coil in the duct and the other one is placed just before the air handler near the return. Again this is based on your assembly selection. Your trained technician can describe in full detail according to your choice.

UV light assembly is an investment worth looking into. The results will be noticed in all of the benefits health wise immediately. Securing our home, our family and the indoor air quality is constantly a conscious decision we make. UV is highly recommended when purchasing new ac systems to prevent contamination and maintain over all well being. UV can be installed along with other processes for already contaminated system. I couldn’t be happier with mine.

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