Benefits Of Air Scrubber

Between the extreme low temperatures and the COVID pandemic, most of our time lately is spent indoors. Because of this, our indoor air quality is more important than it ever has been. To make sure you’re keeping your air clean, an air purifier may be a worthy investment for you and your health.

An air scrubber is a device which is attached to the ductwork of your HVAC system. It removes pollution, surface contaminants, dust, dander, odor, and even viruses from your home’s air through various filters and purification processes. It’s one thing to describe how it works, but what benefits can it bring to you, your family, and your workplace? Here are three reasons how, especially now, an air scrubber could benefit your home and business.

Reduce Contaminants and Irritating Particles

Throughout the course of the day, we open our houses to a large number of harmful particles that can linger in the air or on surfaces within our home and workplace. Mold, dust, pollen, and other pollutants irritate the sinuses and lead to extreme discomfort. Not only does an air scrubber protect against these irritants, but can save you from more harmful particles that can attack your body and bring sickness into your home or business.

COVID-19 Protection

Air scrubbers can also protect you and your family from COVID-19. Air scrubbers’ purification process removes harmful airborne contaminants, including viruses. On September 30, 2020, the manufacturer of the Air Scrubber released results from a FDA-compliant, independent third-party lab proving that the Aerus Hydroxyl Blaster with ActivePure Technology kills COVID-19 on surfaces, and this same patented ActivePure Technology in the Hydroxyl Blaster is available in the Air Scrubber. Not only can it make you more comfortable, but safe as well. And in a time like this, that knowledge brings great comfort. These Air Scrubbers can lead to far safer work environments as well, and have been FDA approved to fight the Sars-COV-2 virus in the air within business buildings.

Extend the Life of Your System

By using an air scrubber, you keep your HVAC system running at peak efficiency and cleanliness. With various debris and particles, there is a possibility and risk of entrance into your system before reaching the filter. This could potentially damage your blower or coils and force you to buy a new system or make expensive repairs. An air scrubber helps to minimize the circulation of these particles, making your system run efficiently and safely for years to come.

The Air Scrubber brings a wide variety of exceptional benefits to help you, your family, and your workers stay comfortable, remain healthy, and save money. Call Professional AC & Heating at (407) 736-1061 or use the button on our homepage to schedule today!