Air Conditioning In Orlando – How Disney Changed Everything

Today we take for granted just how good we have it living in Orlando. It may still be hot outside but we rest assured knowing that we can always jump back indoors and cool down in our air conditioned homes. It may be hard to imagine, but it wasn’t always that way. Before the installment of air conditioning across the Sunshine State, life in Orlando was nearly unbearable as there was no place to escape the excruciatingly hot weather. 

In Florida air conditioning didn’t become a must-have home appliance overnight. We can trace its origins to Florida resident John Gorrie, an inventor who is credited as “the father of air conditioning and refrigeration.” He believed that colder air could cure diseases like Yellow Fever and if people were going to live full lives in Florida, they were going to need to stay cool when the season was too hot to handle. Gorrie now has a statue of himself in the National Statuary Hall collection inside the United States Capitol Building along with a museum and Florida State Park named after him located in Apalachicola, Florida. 

Later down the line air conditioning become more accessible. At first A/C was used as a marketing gimmick for hotel rooms, movie theaters, and fancy restaurants. In the 1950’s, the small and affordable window unit was easily placed homes across the state yet lacked efficiency and the power to push cool air into an entire home. Then came along central air, which was able to distribute air through one central unit and then through air ducts placed throughout the home. But despite these small advances, it wouldn’t be until the dawn of Disney World in Orlando that would make air conditioning a modern staple for all of Florida. With Mickey Mouse’s arrival meant more tourists, workers, and homeowners descending on Orlando. So with these people here to stay, how were they going to bare the brutal Florida Summer months? Hence the rise of the HVAC industry in Orlando. With such an influx of new people who would be living here indefinitely, air conditioning in Orlando become a top priority for not just new homeowners, but also businesses and building owners who were trying to attract these new residents and keep them there. If their A/C went bust, so did their business!

Ever since, air conditioning has become one of Florida’s main ingredients to making it habitable. Without it, most of us probably wouldn’t be living here. Thats why it is important to keep your air conditioning unit well maintained and up to date. Here at Professional Ac And Heating we perform superior AC repair and AC installations precisely for this reason!

Air Conditioning Repair In Orlando

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