3 Ways To Cool Your Home

When the summer heat begins, the last thing in your mind is how to find cheaper options to cool your home. The first thing you would do when the heat comes in is CRANK up that AC unit. However if you do that every day your electric bill is going to go through the roof. You should also help your AC out by getting your home to stay cool.

Depending on where you live, your house could be made out of; wood, bricks, cement, panels, and many other building materials. This creates the shelter we call a home, to keep us safe from events like: rain, storms, wind, snow, hail, overheating, and other naturally occurring events. We attempt to keep the inside of our house cool in the summer, however there are certain actions that we take due to habit and without a second thought, that heats up the home. It really is important to think about the natural resources that are around you. These resources will help you save money, keep your AC unit in tip top shape, and your home cool. Here are 3 ways to keep your Home cool:

Using Nature to Help YOU Stay Cool

There are so many ways to use green than just for spending your hard earned money. It’s also important to note the ways to save money with green. When you’re outside for a walk, and it’s really hot out standing under the shade of a tree is just the best isn’t it? Well imagine how great your house would feel if you planted a beautiful tree, right in front of your house, or the areas around your home that receive the most sun to them. Just like you get cooled by the shade, so does your house. This means a cooler house, which means it’s easier for your air conditioning unit to maintain the house fresh and cool.

The type of tree that you may want, will of course differ from where you live. If you live in Florida it may be a positive choice to get a deciduous tree. What is a Deciduous tree? Well it’s the kind of tree that is full of leaves during the summer, which protects your house from all that heat, then during the winter time, the leaves all fall off, so when you want the sun to warm up your house, it is able to warm up your home. So not only would you have a beautiful addition to your home, but you save energy by maintaining your home cool during the summer, and to help warm up your home during the winter.

One of the other type of plants is an Evergreen. So if you have an issue at your home where a bedroom window has constant sun going through it, you could plant some evergreen trees in front of that window. The evergreen trees never lose their leaves regardless of the time in the year. Then there are annual plants, which bloom around once a year and die within that year. These are more like the kinds of plants that bear fruit. If you feel like you’d rather not plant a big tree in front of your house, or you may feel like it’s just too much work, well there are other options. You can have potted plants in the house, depending on if it’s a sun plant or not, will define where you would place it in your home. However, because it helps produce clean oxygen it helps keep the quality of the air inside your home clean. Then we have a third option, this next option is the vines. Vines are a type of plant that grows fast and do not need a lot of constant care like a tree does. You can place it to cover walls of the home that have blocks or indented walls that the plant can grab onto. You can use a trellis to grow the vines on, which allows you to have an easy to grow plant that you can place anywhere in your home, to maintain it fresh and cool. For those who believe they don’t have a green thumb that instead they kill any plant they touch, maybe a vine would work best for you, since they are so low maintenance. You can also find natural foods that help you feel cool inside. Mint is a really important one, because of how cool it feels, it helps you as you drink it or rub it against your skin. Watermelon is also a fruit that is refreshing to eat which is a great feeling when you are hot. If you keep a cucumber in a fridge you can cut it into slices and place it on your forehead to help cool your skin. There’s also a theory if you eat spicy food that it can help your body cool off. It causes a rush of your endorphins which makes it so that your body sweats more which cools your body, plus you’re probably going to forget you were hot.

Water as a Cooling Agent

When we think about getting cool, we always have our thoughts go straight to our air conditioning unit. However unless you want to keep your A/C unit on 24/7 and your Electric bill going through the roof, it may be important to take into consideration ways to cool off. Water is one of the resources that we use most in our home, almost as much as we use energy. We have ways to use water that helps improve our lives and help cool our home. While we see a lot of things we use water for as positive, there are activities that do not help cool your house when it’s warm. Taking a hot shower, cooking, doing laundry can make your home warm. When it’s a really hot season try to leave these activities till it’s night time and it’s cooler outside/in house.

Uses of Water to Cool Yourself at Home:

  • Filling a cup of ice to the brim, and blowing into it, so that cold air blows to your face
  • Taking cold showers during the day
  • Get a misting fan to spray and fan yourself
  • Soaking your feet in cold water
  • Swimming in a pool
  • Ice pack or wet towel on neck
  • Drink water as often as possible
  • Get a shirt soaked in water, ring it out, and wear it to cool off your body
  • Fill a bathtub with cold water and lay in it for relaxing, if you want to speed it up put in some ICE!
  • Taking cold showers during the day

 Feel the Cool Air through your Hair

There are many ways to keep your home cool and it’s important to use your home’s full extent of resources. During the day it’s important to keep your shades closed, that way you don’t let the hot air inside the home. You have to attempt to keep your home shaded so the indoors don’t get warm, which makes it harder for your AC unit to cool the home. Then it’s also important that at night when it’s cooling down to let the cool night air in the house, open all your inside doors, and yes that does include your closet doors. This makes sure that any warm air that may have been trapped inside of a closed room or any room is getting the hot air out and the cool air in. To help keep your house cool, getting ceiling fans would be a good choice, it helps by cooling your rooms. People who live in Florida love their porches, it’s a nice place to sit, talk, and cool off.

When you’re building a porch, it’s important to determine how you’re building it. If you build it out of concrete it’s important to build an awning. If there’s nothing to protect the concrete floor from the sun, the heat that radiates from the sun will heat up the concrete and bounce it right into your home. You could also get one of those screen doors so you can leave your front door open and let the cool air come inside the house. These are all inexpensive ways to cool your home when your air conditioning unit fails. While we did mention that cooking inside isn’t good to keep the house cool, there are ways to keep cooking, some people have kitchens outdoors, however a grill also works. If you can cook outside it helps to save the cool air inside your home.